RyanB plays Bryan Adams covers
 in Swedish 

Patrik Hansell (vocals)
Patrik is from Kokkola and he has spent a lot of time in "Coffee Street". Patrik is married with four children. He used to spend a lot of his spare time playing football for the GBK. When he gave up football he took up singing. He practised for instance in Kotkamaa and grew gradually better and better, reaching higher notes. Patrik didnīt feel comfortable singing in front of a crowd until RyanB was founded. He proved that one can join a band also at the mature age of 35+.

Starting to sing at that late age doesn't make forming a band any easier. But the dream lived on and grew stronger. After some years of searching and trying, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place when the members of RyanB found each other. Patrik says he is lucky to be able to sing songs he grew up with in the 80s and that suit his voice.

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