RyanB plays Bryan Adams covers
 in Swedish 

Peter Storbacka (drums)
Peter is from Kokkola, married with three sons. His favourite band is the Eagles. Peter says that he is a self-taught drummer. He started playing the drums in the seventies when he was around ten years old.

As a school boy he played in different garage bands. He made his first appearences between 1979 and 1981 with Banner Street Band at many school parties in secondary schools in Kokkola. Tomas Kankkonen also played in the same band.

After finishing upper secondary school, Peter did his military service and then went on to study in Vasa. When Peter got married and founded a family, music became secondary.

Twenty-five years later, in autumn 2006, Peter decided to start playing again. He got himself a drum set, which he set up in the attic and started practising. For some reason his drumming wasn´t much appreciated by his family.

In autumn 2007 Patrik contacted Peter to ask if he was interested in playing in a band, and so Peter became one of the founding members of RyanB.

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