RyanB plays Bryan Adams covers
 in Swedish 

Robert Lillrank (bass)
Robert was born in Terjärv but moved to Linnusperä in Kokkola. He started playing the guitar when he was seven years old. Quite soon he became interested in playing the bass guitar.

When he was some ten years old he formed the band Pipeline with five other boys. They played mostly songs on guitar by the Shadows. Once they played to a crowd of hundreds of people at Jungsborg in Kokkola. At the time he was twelve years old.

Robert has played for Terjärv Youth Club at their revues, and many different groups such as Holy Moses, Paddington, PS and 12 Gates. He has also accompanied the Kokkola Youth Club's gospel choir.

Robert started taking classes in bass playing at the age of 34 and also learned to read music. After founding a family, he didn't play for many years, byt when RyanB was formed he took up playing actively again.

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